Friday, July 16, 2010

A Beautiful Mother

While making my way to mother's this morning, I started to think, what if I go down there and she's all better, no more dementia, and I've just started my "new blog." After all the years I've spent praying for mother, pleading with the good Lord that her dementia would go away, and here I am, thinking what if...but all thoughts diminished as I drove up and the garage door opened only to display my mother wearing her green turtleneck.

I can always tell by the look on her face if it's going to be a bad day. But, today she seemed almost normal. I'm not sure what exactly it is with her and green, but for as long as I can remember, she has favored the color green.

I often wondered was it because of all the many compliments she had received through the years about her hazel "green" eyes. My mother always took pride in her looks. Not to say she was vain, and I'm sure I'm a little bias, but I always thought of her as one of the most beautiful women in Polk County in her day.

I remember once in sixth grade, the new guy in class asked the teacher if he could bring his mother to school. Back in those days, the kids wouldn't run and hide just because their parents came to school. As Mrs. Wall entered our classroom, I thought to myself, wow she really is pretty. To be honest, she looked like she had just stepped out of a magazine. I began to have feelings that my mother was being replaced as the most beautiful mother ever. I couldn't wait to get home and ask her if she would come to school one day soon. She agreed, so I began rummaging through her closet, looking for the perfect dress and shoes. I found it! A two-piece tan suit with a leather string lace and matching brown heels. Everyone would see that my mother was still the most beautiful of all. The day finally arrived when she would visit my class. I was so proud of her that day, and she quickly regained her status as the most beautiful mom. Now as I look at the woman in the green turtleneck with disheveled hair, a slight limp due to a bad knee, blue jeans which were probably slept in the night before; I can see only a glimpse of her beauty.

She called for me to come into the house, and I did. There were things to do before I would rush off to work; lunch to prepare, a quick wipe down of the counters and a dog to feed. Mother asked that I stop and sit down to talk for awhile, which I usually do before leaving. She always asks "what do you know that's good and true?" This morning I couldn't think of a thing. We sat in silence for a few moments until I had to leave.

Thank you God for my beautiful mother!


  1. How precious Jean, I love this blog. Thank you for sharing and I agree that your mother is the most beautiful woman in Polk County. I was always impressed with how she stepped into Yates life and took the plain country farmer with overalls and worn boots and made him a prince. He came out of his shell and beamed with pride for his beautiful bride. It was a love story right out of a novel.

  2. Your beautiful mother has a beautiful daughter